Federated and homologated Aikido and Self-Defense School.


Our mission is the dissemination and teaching of Aikido, its philosophy and its values.

Aikido Cantabria is an organization approved by the Royal Federation of Judo and Associated Disciplines, and by the Higher Sports Council.

We practice Traditional Aikido, Iwama Ryu style, also known as Takemusu Aikido, which corresponds to the last years of Morihei Ueshiba's life and which has been transmitted to the present day by Saito Sensei (the student who remained with the Founder the longest) whose method seeks to preserve Aikido as if it were a real treasure.

Our teachers are qualified to grant aikido and self-defense grades officially recognized in Spain and regularly attend the updating courses. We are also members of the Takemusu Aikido Traditional Spain Association (ATATE),

We run several dojos (Martial Arts training centers) in Cantabria. We also organize official courses in the region with the presence of national and international teachers and participants.

Among our priorities is the dissemination and teaching of Aikido to children and young people, which makes the number of students grow and consolidate year after year, making our organization a benchmark for Aikido at the national level.



Children's Aikido is the adaptation of Aikido to children
and its physical, psychological and educational reality. It is taught by collegiate teachers who have been trained in teaching children's Martial Arts, and have proven experience in this field.
The children's program has been designed and developed by experts in teaching children and physical educators from the Federation so that it is adapted to the needs of growth and physical development and their cognitive capacity depending on the age of the students.


We also offer you Training in Self Defense and its different specialties, taught by teachers certified by the Federation, within an approved organization.

It is a discipline attached to and recognized by the Higher Sports Council within the Federation of Judo and Associated Sports. It is therefore a regulated activity in which official grades are also awarded.
The federative Self Defense is structured within a teaching system with different levels of expertise. It has been developed by experts based on the study of reality, analysis of situations, experience on the street and the martial baggage inherited from the great experts in Martial Arts of the Federation, who have developed an effective, appropriate and consistent system.
The system is a harmonious whole where we work on the psychological, legal, strategic, physical and technical aspects. Both prevention and conflict resolution situations and their effective termination are practiced.

Personal Defense also has two specialties:
1) Operational Self Defense: aimed at training for Police and Private Security Forces, focused on self-defense, protection and intervention, as well as the appropriate use of force, all within the provisions of the legal system.

2) Self defense for women: Pursues two objectives. On the one hand, prevention and support in situations of gender violence, both to avoid it preventively, and to deal with it when it is already occurring. The second objective is to teach women simple and practical physical skills and resources, so that they can carry out effective self-defense and improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

What does Personal Defense offer you?

• The benefits of moderate/intense physical activity.

• Knowledge of what to do and how to do it in a conflict situation.

• A technical and mental development that trains and reinforces decision-making and allows both anticipating and evaluating and facing situations that may affect one's own or another's physical integrity.

• A correct application of the techniques, bearing in mind at all times the principles of opportunity, proportionality, congruence and least possible harmfulness that the legal system includes.

• The use of simple, useful and practical skills and physical resources for an effective and rapid defense.

• The improvement of self-esteem and personal image, which are notably reinforced by having resources to be able to preserve our physical integrity or that of third parties.

What does Aikido Cantabria offer you?

• Training in Self-Defense and its specialties, where appropriate, within an approved club, taught by qualified teachers and members of the Spanish Federation (Higher Sports Council). The education received and the grades obtained, therefore, are officially recognized.

• Classes take place in a pleasant environment, with simulation of defense situations where the techniques learned can be developed.

• The sessions are open, taking into account the doubts, concerns and situations proposed by the students for their study and integration in the classes, in addition to what corresponds to the official degree program.

• The techniques and their resolutions can be adapted to the specific needs of each student.

Where to practice?

At Carmelitas, alternate Saturdays, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

También en el sports hall of the University of Cantabrial, every Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

If you want to see a class or need more information, contact us at 625 146 464 or through our email:


• Miguel Ángel Minchero Rodríguez, National Collegiate Master in Self Defense, 3rd Dan Black Belt, Specialist in Self Defense for Women.


Approved instructors who have the comprehensive training and experience necessary to teach high-quality classes.

Juan Carlos Santurde Sensei
6th Dan Black Belt

National Master of Aikido and Personal Defense, (Level III Senior Sports Trainer).
3rd Dan Black Belt in Personal Defense by the RFEJYDA – Higher Sports Council.
He is responsible in our region for the Department of Aikido.
He has extensive experience of more than thirty years in the intensive practice of Aikido both in weapons (Bukiwaza) and empty hands (Taijutsu), having worked with the most relevant teachers such as: Daniel Toutain Sensei, Paolo Corallini Sensei, Lewis Bernaldo de Quirós Sensei and Ethan Weisgard Sensei, who were direct students of the late Morihiro Saito sensei, who in turn was Uchi deshi of Morihei Ueshiba (O-sensei).
He is also director of the training courses of the Government of Cantabria (CEARC) for public employees, in the areas of Self Defense and Verbal Conflict Resolution.
He has participated in the training of different State Security Corps and Forces as well as Private Security personnel.

Miguel Ángel Minchero (Minchi)
4th Dan Black Belt

National Master of Aikido and Personal Defense, (Level III Senior Sports Trainer).
3rd Dan Black Belt in Personal Defense by the RFEJYDA – Higher Sports Council. He is a specialist in Personal Defense for Women (Higher Sports Council).
Multiple authorization as a teacher for Private Security - Ministry of the Interior.
Trainer of trainers.
Level 1 Polyvalent Gymnastics Monitor (Higher Sports Council).
Shooting instructor.
More than ten years as a teacher of Aikido for children, youth and adults. 


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